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Welcome to Raising Fathers

Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson

We simply aren’t raising fathers the way we once did.  The ripple effect means that we’re not producing leaders with a father’s heart.  We’re not shaping our sons into good future fathers.  We’re leaving too many of today’s children without a paternal guide star and it shows.

The numbers tell a tragic tale.

One of out of every three American children lives in a home without their natural father.  Just fifty years ago that number was one out of ten.

This problem crosses every racial, religious and class line and the results are harrowing.  Children without a father figure are three times more likely to start a life of crime than their peers.  Not to mention a slew of other problems like child abuse or drug addictions.

Mothers and Fathers alike make the difference in the lives of children. 

In fact, it was only through my mom’s love and the prayerful guidance of friends, teachers and my fellow servicemen in the Air Force that I emerged from that dark den of despair into the warm sunlight of opportunity.  

Bill and his wife LeeAnne are raising their son Nathan in Marietta, Ohio.

Bill and his wife LeeAnne are raising their son Nathan in Marietta, Ohio.

Unfortunately too many kids today are still in that dark place.   And it’s our job to help them.  It’s our job to help these children by raising fathers.  It’s my goal to bring attention and resources to this vital issue.

That’s why I’ve created an organization called Raising Fathers.  It’s not government funded in any way.  None of your tax dollars go towards it.  Government doesn’t have the answer to this problem, although solving it will have a most positive effect on government.  Reducing the need for prison cells, treatment facilities, probation officers and all those tax dollars chasing this problem await us if we focus on raising good fathers.